Xiuzhen: I am a thief.

The sky fire can come near, after opening a small hole, it was separated from the outside and the sky fire came near. The temperature was unusually high. Fortunately, the hole I opened was relatively small, otherwise it would have been burned to death. A little carelessness would have been burned to ash. I was busy carrying the sky fire in my body to intersect with it. As expected, it was worthy of the same source of sky fire. The influx of sky fire soon melted with the sky in my body. Constantly absorbing and assimilating, the fire of the sun slowly came in more and more, which prevented the protection of the sky fire from being removed. At this time, I don't know whether I was assimilating the sun fire or the sun fire was assimilating. Anyway, now I am in the sun fire without any protection, which is an incredible thing for ordinary people. In fact, I can so easily achieve the blending of fire and fire, thanks to my constitution of nothingness and the body of the phantom God. As a constitution that can absorb everything, the constitution of nothingness absorbs the fire of the sun very well. The body of the phantom God is also the constitution of the gods in the world of phantom gods. As a God, of course, it is easier to achieve the blending of fire and fire, so I can complete this step as a matter of course. It is not so simple to achieve the state of fire blending. When I regained consciousness, I was still in a sea of fire, I can not feel its high temperature now, in it, only feel a burst of warmth as comfortable as returning to the mother's arms, is this the blending of fire and fire,side impact door beams, the mind moved, from the fingertips shot out a sky fire, more powerful than the previous sky fire. It seems that I have made a lot of progress after this training. Happy for a while, thinking of the purpose of this trip, quickly flew to the surface of the sun, its surface is red, there are constantly rolling magma everywhere, the whole ground is up. The more I went inside,side impact beams, the more I felt that there was an unusually powerful energy inside. The more I went forward, the clearer the feeling became. I knew that this must be the sacred stone deposited by the sun for billions of years. Now I don't know how big it is. Thinking that there must be a lot of spiritual mud inside, I couldn't help rushing forward even harder. Haha, I can make a fortune this time. All the way forward, I don't know how deep it is, but as the feeling becomes clearer and clearer, I know I'm going to reach the center of the sun lamp. Sure enough, soon after I go forward, my eyes brighten, and I finally reach the center of the sun. What appears in front of me is a wonderful scene. In a circular space, there are countless colored energy belts shooting at a small ball in the center of a circular space. The diameter of this small ball is about eight meters long. Countless ribbons surround it and emit strange light. I feel that the huge energy is emitted from it. This is the sacred stone. These ribbons are also the reason for the formation of the sacred stone. Exercise in the eyes, through the ribbon, through the thick layer of sacred stone, finally saw the sacred stone center of the spirit mud, it has been deposited for billions of years and now has a basketball so big, this is very rare, Precision steel tubes ,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, because to refine a spirit ware as long as a fingernail so big as the spirit mud. Because of a little bit of spirit mud, my Tianling Sword is ranked in the top ten weapon spectrum in the realm of cultivation. Now I don't know how many spirit weapons can be refined with such a piece of spirit mud, and there are so many suns for me to find. It's really exciting for me. Exercise in the palm, cut off a piece of the hard iron stone to make a crystal box, just in time to put the spirit mud in, suck out the spirit mud from the stone, as soon as the stone left the stone, the original flowing color also showed signs of stopping, I quickly put these spirit mud into the stone box that had been made, and the original dim spirit mud returned to its original expression. It seems that it is not allowed to leave the sacred stone. If it is not loaded with the sacred stone, it will soon lose its effectiveness. No wonder when the Patriarch got the spirit mud, it was also in the sacred stone. Put the box containing the mud and this huge stone into my storage space. When I took the stone away, the ribbons did not disappear, but slowly shrank, forming a very dense ball. Under the scanning of my stone, there was a stone inside, but the speed was surprisingly slow. It was a slow generation of molecules. I'm afraid it will take thousands of years to form a stone the size of a ping-pong ball. I came back to the surface of the sun, and it was still full of lava. It seemed that I had not affected it by taking away the sacred stone inside. After leaving the sun, continue to look for the next star, with the previous experience, then it is easy to do, according to the law, one by one collection, I do not know how long it took, anyway, tired to absorb some of the energy in the stone, and then continue, and finally the entire galaxy has gone again, collected tens of thousands of stones, the largest of these stones is more than ten meters long. The small one is also more than one meter long. The smallest one of these sacred stones is as big as a thumb. I packed it in another sacred stone box. Fortunately, I now repair for the big increase, can create their own space, otherwise with the previous storage meson, I am afraid I have long pretended to be violent, now my self-built storage space is also half full, originally I planned to go to another galaxy to find, but I promised Yuling they finished looking for the galaxy to go back early, now I do not know how many days out, it seems that I have to go back. Anyway, there will be another chance. Take out the space-time machine from the storage space, adjust the time to the next second when I come out, find the position of another space transfer device, put some gold into the gold energy generator, this space-time machine is my first time to use, I don't know whether it works or not, I can't help feeling a little nervous, press the start button, when the white light flashes, I just feel the pressure inside. The air on all sides kept squeezing me,stainless steel tube 304, and I almost vomited blood. I felt better when I was busy exercising to protect myself. I calculated that under such great pressure, the ordinary Xiuzhen must vomit blood and die inside. At least, the Xiuzhen master who had reached the Dacheng period could barely do it. cbiesautomotive.com

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